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Technical building management

Today modern offices as well as commercial- and industrial constructions dispose of more and more complicated building-technical equipment.
To pursue these buildings to supervise and maintaining binds personnel resources and is also time consuming  and costs very much.
The C&L Facility Management GmbH offers you a operator concept to reduce operating costs and geared to the specific needs  of your real estate on inquiry.

Repair / Overhaul

  • Inspection of all arrangements
  • optimisation of the technical arrangements
  • Preventive repair
  • Exchange of defective plant components
  • Switching of the technical arrangements
  • Check of the function and security
  • Admission of the metre reading
  • Exchange of luminous means
  • Electrical engineering / MSR
  • Heating / airing / sanitation

Service centre

  • Disturbance acceptance and coordination
  • 24H call readiness / emergency service
  • Controlling of the achievement performance
  • optimisation of the technical arrangements
  • Preventive repair

Energy management

  • Consumption optimisation of the energy delivery contracts
  • Contract management with the local power supply companies.



Infrastructural building management

Infrastructural building management shows a not unsubstantial expense factor on grounds of his high personnel intensity. Many years' experience in the analysis and optimisation as well as a clear creation of all expiries can help you to lower your costs.

Outside arrangements and plant care

  • Janitorial service
  • Tenant's care
  • Weed removal
  • Irrigation
  • Pest control
  • Care of the plants, trees and shrubs
  • Manual or machine sweeping
  • Remove from danger places
  • Guarantee of the road safety


  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Glass and frame cleaning
  • Special arrangement
  • Rest and valuable material collection

Winter service

  • Remove from snow and ice
  • sure and comfortable access of outside surfaces and traffic routes in winter weather